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3 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Followers

October 5, 2017

As you may have learned, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in town. So popular that Facebook purchased the rights to Instagram.


Even with these cool new features like Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, and the best thing ever Instagram Analytics, this social media platform is a jungle if you don't know what your doing you can easily get lost. 


The main reason people are turning to social media is to make MONEY and Exposure. That's right social media is a great platform to monetize your page and turn your cell phone app into an ATM card. 


Here are some tips on how to grow your social media page. 


Step 1: Have a Public Page. 

You can't expect people to want to do business with you while you have a private page. Have you made a purchase without doing your research? Without seeing some type of ad or some type of feedback/reviews? Most likely not. 


You went to the business website and/or social media page and check out what they had to offer before you made your purchase. You watched some form of commerical before you did your homework, Right or Right?


Customers want to do the samething. They want to see your profile, they want to check out your products and who you are. You need to build trust in your customers before they pull out their credit cards. PERIOD!! With so many scams going on now a day, why would you set yourself up for failure by having a private page?




If you want to keep your private affairs private, then create a sepearate Instagram account just for your business. I bet you have a Facebook Fan Page right? That is open to the public, so why is your Instagram private?

Let your new account promote your business, while your private account directs viewers to your business profile with a link to your business page in your bio.



  • Write in the bio the name of your business

  • Provide the full instagram link to your business page in your bio ( on your personal page.

  • Write in your bio, on the last line a call to action. Example (click link in bio to visit my business page)

Atleast now when people find your personal page, there is some form of information directing users to your business page. 



Step 2: Follow High Profile Pages. 

Find popular social media profiles that have 100K followers and more. and follow them. The bigger the page the better. To get the most bang for your buck find accounts that match your niche and industry. 


Within a few minutes you will see some people follow you. 
The science behind this is that once you follow these large pages, your profile name will show up under the "suggested profiles to follow"


This is FREE advertising for you and soon you will attract new customers to your page that you may not have meet you otherwise. 






Step 3- Find Prospects using Hashtags. 
Complete a search for hashtags related to your niche and industry. Select a few profiles and do the following actions. 


  • Like 3 photos

  • Comment on 2

  • Then follow the page. 

These activities will showcase your profile name at least 5 times on the users notification bar.


The objective with this is create curiosty and have user check out your page. Those that have expressed interets will follow your page and life a photo or two.


You need to be sure you have high quality photos as well as some quotes and videos to catch their attention. 


The more times user see's your profile name, the more familiar you will be which is the secret sause to making money on Instagram. 







Objective: Expose, Involve and Upgrade prospects into qualified subscribers and qualified buyer.  For more tips on how to grow your social media account, check out this Free Book Instagram Secrets to help you with your social media journey. 


Pick up your Free 200+ page Guide on how to grow your Instagram pages and how to generate a profit. The book includes more advanced and detailed strategies on growing your Instagram pages. Including what type of post you should create. 


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