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About the Author.

With a background in Marketing & Promotions Nikki started utilizing social media back in early 2012

Generated $20,000 in Sales with just a Facebook Fan Page & Square Account. 

Took an interests in social media and grew not one but two pages towards 10,000 Followers and generated close to 50K just with online sales. 

You Are Only One Funnel Away From Making A

Six-Figure Income...

Here is what you will learn on this limited time Training

Discover How to 3x 4x or 5x your income using a sales funnels


Learn  How to set up a sales funnel from start to finish...

Discover Where Your Customers Are Hanging out to Direct Traffic To Your Offer

Discover How to Quickly Identify Qualify Buyers, & Subscribers 


Learn how to convert online traffic into sales

Receive personal coaching on what products to offer and how to create them

Benefit from the Facebook Ads Training. Master how to set up a profitable ad

Find out which kind posts and content to use to boost engagement, shares & likes. 

Overcome ANY Fears of social media marketing. Everyone is sightly afraid of marketing and promotions. Its the number one phobia people have with being a pushy sales person. Buts its is also a baseless fear once you learn how to be prepared with your message. 

You will also learn how to do Video Marketing Events from the comfort of your own home. That's right Master the art of making videos that will convert to sales. 

4 Week Group Coaching Program